Fishing outing…

Today was another lovely day and so we took the kids to a local lake to try our hand at fishing. It seems that we are not fish magnets!! We will persevere however, and hopefully by the end of the holidays we will have one fish photo. This lake is one of many lakes that are linked in a neighbouring suburb and it has a lovely park as well for the kids to play in and a basketball hoop for Zoe when fishing gets too tedious. There are also amazing paths to walk on around the lakes so I think we will head there more often now that we have discovered it.

Hubby says he saw a huge carp swimming past (do I believe him, or is it a fishing story!!).

We spent the early part of this afternoon at the hospital as we got a call to come in for hubby’s results. All is good – all biopsies were benign but he has an unusual condition with a very long name – Eosinophilic Oesophagitis. This is basically like an allergic condition and because of years of acid reflux he has rings of scar tissue in his oesophagus. The good news is that he can be treated with a tablet and an inhaler similar to the one asthmatics use. After the wait at the hospital we both felt like we deserved a good skinny latte – mmm we enjoyed that. To end off our day we went to a 45 minute RPM class and burned off some calories. The holidays are so cool – this seems like the first holiday in years we have not had to stress about a number of things and it has been so good to unwind!!!


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