I have a new addiction … added to my other addiction of op shopping. At least this one is healthier and is good for me. I am addicted to RPM (what the heck is that you may be asking?). RPM stands for Revs per minute and is simply what some of you may know as spinning or for those of you who never enter a gym and are completely lost it is cycling on a stationery bike in the gym while an instructor challenges you to increase your resistance. It is a combination of simple cycling, gruelling uphill climbs while standing on your bike, racing and so on. It is the best cardio, fat-burning workout I have ever done. One can easily burn between 450 and 500 calories a session depending on how much resistance you use. I so need this as I am desperate to get rid of this mid section that seems to grow every time I even look at chips, chocolate or anything else other than a lettuce leaf. I am that cursed apple shape!! I managed to gain a kilo over Christmas – fume, fume!! So now it’s back to reality and trying to eat the healthy things again. On the diabetes front, I have no idea what my sugars are doing as I have no way of testing them, but I am feeling really good and haven’t had any sugar swings so that must be a good thing. I reckon this RPM is doing amazing good for the diabetes. So onward we go – still at least 8 kg to lose till I will be slightly happy, but getting there – one pedal at a time.

I’m not quite at the point of wearing such small gym wear like the slim, trim gals in the photo above, but hope to have abs that don’t wobble each time I pedal. Keep posted – hopefully there will be progress.


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