Today the sun finally shone, the wind stayed relatively calm and it was beautiful. I was beginning to think that summer was never going to show its face, but this week is supposed to look up. In excitement at the sun coming out we quickly hopped into the car (all except teenage son who says he is over the beach after a week at Wilsons Prom – lucky him – he got to go to the beach!!!) and we headed for Mornington Peninsula to the beach. The kids had a fabulous time swimming on their boogie boards and playing in the sand. Zoe is a real water baby and spends hours in the water even when it is freezing. Hubby and I managed to get a suntan (or rather a bit pink from the sun) as we lazed on the beach. After a while the wind picked up a little bit and so we tested a kite that we were given. Aaron loved flying the kite on the beach. Then we had some ice-cream and headed for home. What a great day – hope we have some more of these!! I LOVE SUMMER!

The next photo is of the Melbourne City skyline across the bay.


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