This week has been a week of relaxing intermingled with drama!! On Monday we took off for Wilsons Promontory National Park. It is an absolutely beautiful place and I am definitely keen to go back and explore some more as our time there was far too short. The weather was miserable when we arrived – fluctuated between sunshine and downpours with a lot of wind. Poor Michaela and Ethan had to camp and they didn’t get much sleep the first night as their mattress kept deflating. On Tuesday morning I had to drive Hubby back to Melbourne to the emergency department as he had a problem with his oesophagus and couldn’t swallow any water or anything. This has happened once previously years ago in Christchurch. We hoped that the hospital at Leongatha would be able to help, but believe it or not they didn’t even have a doctor at the hospital so we were sent down to the clinic in  the town. After an hour waiting we were then told by the doctor that they didn’t have the right equipment to help us and they then charged us $60 – I was spitting mad at that point!! So we drove the two and a half hours back to Melbourne. Fortunately our friends were willing to look after the kids for us, so not everyone had to trek back. Once at hospital hubby was given a few injections of various things to relax his muscles – initially nothing seemed to work, but eventually valium did the trick and all was good again. The doctor was not happy that this had happened before and so hubby was told to report back the following morning to have a gastroscopy so they could take a biopsy and look at his oesophagus with a camera. This meant we had to sleep at home and go in early on Wednesday. All in all everything went well – hubby was a little spaced from the anaesthetic but they diagnosed that acid reflux over the years had affected the valve and had left scarring rings on his oesophagus. He will probably have to go in again sometime so that they can dilate his oesophagus to prevent this happening again. We managed to get back to Wilsons Prom by Wednesday afternoon to enjoy the rest of our stay in great weather. The kids had a ball and we relaxed the last day and a half. I will post pictures over the next week or so as there were so many I took. The walks at Wilsons Prom are amazing and I even nearly managed to step on a Copperhead Snake (which apparently is venomous). Please note there are no photos of this snake as I am not a snake fan and so I did more yelling and screeching than anything else – photographing it was the furtherest thing from my mind (another thing I miss about New Zealand – NO SNAKES!!!). We got to see some lovely birds and emus as well as wombats, wallabies and kangaroos and even a fox believe it or not. Here are some of our photos – enjoy!!!

This is the lodge we stayed in.

This is Tidal River beach – the kids had great fun swimming and boating in this river as well as jumping off the rocks into the river.

Some beach cricket at Squeaky Beach. The sand on this beach is so fine and white that it squeaks when you walk on it.

These little birds were so pretty – they are tiny and move very fast. I think they are called Superb Fairy-wrens. 

We managed to get quite close to this emu while travelling in the park.

We had a brilliant time but it was just too short – we will definitely think of going back!!

Some fishing in the river. No fish caught I am sad to say!!!


One thought on “Holiday…

  1. jodes

    Wow, the place looks amazing.

    So sorry to hear about Hammy’s ordeal (and your’s too in the end with all the driving) Not a nice thing to happen. We Pray for complete healing for him.

    Take care


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