It is so lovely being on holiday as there is time just to potter around and enjoy being at home with everybody. Hubby has been relaxing by doing some gardening. He has set up a little kitchen garden for us outside our back door. He has planted some tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums and spinach. He is hoping to add some chillies to the mix as well. We have a few sunflowers that are thriving too. Aaron loves to help by watering the garden every day.

Hubby has scored some serious points!! He bought me a hydrangea plant and potted it for me as he knows how much I love hydrangeas. Somehow they remind me of my childhood growing up on a farm ( I don’t even know if we had hydrangeas) and they also remind me of a little cottage we rented when we were first married. We had a vast number of hydrangeas growing on the property and I always loved them.

I have been looking for dining room chairs to go with my table that I made over as the chairs I currently have are falling apart (the seating). I won a table and 6 chairs on ebay for 99c – crazy huh! The table will probably go out on our one veranda where the Bbq is with the present dining chairs as an outdoor set. The new (expensive – haha) chairs will go at our dining table. I will have to recover the seats but I will show you that when they are done.  As for all my Christmas shopping, I am not quite done – but I will get there – I hope!! Today was the last day of school for Zoe and so now we are all on holiday – Yay!! Looking forward to this time.


One thought on “pottering….

  1. t

    So cool and little Aaron looks like he’s having heaps of fun. Enjoy family time over the hols…. missing you guys heaps
    lotsa love


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