Rainbow promises…


Where have I been you may ask? Well I can tell you that I haven’t been doing a thousand christmassy projects as you may have been thinking – in fact the last week has been a blur of family activity and madness. I have been covering diaries – hubby needed two as gifts for fellow staff and the girls needed their gifts, so I have squeezed those activities into my “spare” time. Then we  have had school functions, school reports, church meetings and hosting and in between all this I went to a job audition. Yes, you heard correct – I said audition. Well that was a first for me and rather interesting too. I have applied for a job as a performing arts teacher in child care centres. This programme is called Jump for Joy and I would be required to teach half hour sessions in centres to children from 10 months old to 5 year olds. Hubby always did think Charlie from the Hi 5 team was quite cute – move over Charlie, here comes Caroline!!! (Charlie is female in case you are scratching your head at this point!!). Anyway the competition was quite intimidating – dance teachers, preschool teachers and more. Driving home from my audition, the rain came down in buckets. As I was making my way on the motorway the most magnificent half rainbow with really intense colours lit up the sky in front of me. I followed it home and as I got within a few streets from home it became an intense full rainbow – it actually looked like it arched right over our home. I felt such peace and joy because to me it was a reminder that God’s love and favour is on us and that His promises always come to pass. I actually don’t mind if the job never happens – I would thoroughly enjoy it, but I felt that if this doesn’t work out then His provision and blessing is still coming to us and it will be another way. I love it when God speaks through His creation – it is so wondrous and glorious. The whisperings He has been saying in my ear are becoming raging waters in my heart and spirit. God has rainbow promises for each of us – the question is whether we believe Him – don’t let those dreams die!!


2 thoughts on “Rainbow promises…

  1. Elaine

    Wow! Breathtaking photos and heart, soul and spirit enriching message. 2 Tim 1:12 spoke to me today, and I guess it’s for you too! What He entrusts to us, and what we entrust to Him – amazing. Go girl, in Him.


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