22 days …. Fabric covered diary

As promised, I am sharing my teacher gift project that I tackled yesterday. I decided to make a fabric covered diary for Zoe’s teacher. I was delighted with the results. It was very cost effective too. This would make a cool Christmas gift for anyone you know or a teacher gift as I have done. Here is what I did:

I bought my materials from Spotlight and Sam’s Warehouse. I chose a page-a-day diary and a small square  of 100% cotton fabric in a pattern I liked. Add a few ribbons and glitter stickers, some colourful paper, craft glue and voila – a fabric diary in the making.

I started by measuring the fabric and making sure there was about an inch of fabric right around the diary.

Then I glued the one side of the diary with craft glue using a paint brush.

Next you slowly cover the glued side with the fabric, making sure that it lies flat and smooth. Repeat the process with the spine and the other side of the diary.

Then cut around the spine as you would if you were covering a hard book with paper. Fold over the edges and glue them down.

Paste the first and last pages of the diary over the cover to neaten it and keep the fabric stuck down.

Now the embellishing and decorating starts. I glued some black ribbon onto the diary and folded the edges over to the cover pages. Then I glued a piece of pink weave paper over this to make it pretty and  to cover the ribbon ends and hold it in place.

Lastly I added some glitter stickers to decorate the cover. Some other ideas would be to use letters or initials, buttons, craft embellishments like butterflies, flowers etc. There is so much you could do.

This is the costing for my diary:

  • 1 diary                      $3.99
  • piece of fabric       $1.25
  • Glitter stickers      0.25c
  • Weave paper          0.85c
  • Ribbon                      0.25c
  • craft glue   (had in my cupboard)

TOTAL COST                  $6.50

This was a very quick project – it took me no more than half an hour to do and the result was lovely and very budget friendly. I reckon that buying this is the shop would be about $20. Happy crafting everyone.

PS. Michaela loved the diary so much she stole it for her teacher (much to Zoe’s horror) and ordered another one – so now I have two more to make!!


One thought on “22 days …. Fabric covered diary

  1. Jodes

    Fantastic, well done. Very creative and very effective. I could probably make something like this for spit over here 🙂


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