Countdown to Christmas…


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Yes, it is officially the first of December. Where did this year go to? As I get older the days seem to get shorter and speed by with frenetic intensity. Some days seem like a blur to me, and when I try to analyse how much I have actually accomplished that day, I scratch my head in wonder that I managed to do nothing all day. Well, you know what I mean!! Nothing of value anyway. I have had a bit of a shock when I realise that there are only 24 days to Christmas and my shopping is not complete!! I suppose it is progress from previous years gone by, when most of my shopping was left to Christmas eve and the store shelves were bare and the prices elevated again just to punish an already stressed shopper the day before Christmas. I would find shopping totally frustrating, the crowds overwhelming (yes this from someone who adores shopping) and I would end up feeling grumpy and sympathetic toward the Grinch as my own Grinch-like tendencies would creep out!! My solution over the last while has been to shop a few months before Christmas and laybye items. I did do this this year, but I never shopped for everyone that way and so now I am left to buy gifts for two of my four children and time is running out. So I will have to take a deep breath and venture out into the mall of madness with a million other Grinch-like, grumpy people and get the job done. I think getting there before the summer school holidays start would be a very wise idea. The thing that cheers me on is the thought of a halfway shopping break with a good skinny latte to revive me (that is if I can find an empty table with all the other shoppers gasping for their favourite coffees). Oh well, it is once a year and once all the buying is over, we can enjoy our time together.

Over the next 24 days, I will endeavour to share some Christmas ideas that will hopefully be fun and inspirational. I promise to be full of Christmas spirit  (can’t you hear me humming Joy to The World as I write… ) and to leave my Grinch suit in the closet!! Hope your countdown to Christmas is plain sailing!!


One thought on “Countdown to Christmas…

  1. Your Mom

    I know that feeling only too well! I had a good day yesterday and got about 3/4 of my shopping done here in Howick. Will have to go to PMB to finish off. Where has this year gone??


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