Row, row, row your boat…

Eeeek!! My backyard is flooding!! We  have had some rain that looks set to stay for the weekend and already we are being flooded out! Aaron thinks this is marvellous as he has his own swimming pool right outside our back door.

I on the other hand, am not so keen. I worry that the pool will end up indoors – not something I wish for!! We watched as the water ran from our neighbour’s property (which is on a slope above us) under our fence and over our retaining wall (which looks about to collapse) in a waterfall manner, pooling outside the back of our house.

It got so bad that the water moved down the side of the house in a river and into the poor neighbour’s garden on the other side (because we are slightly higher than they are). We are a very sharing neighbourhood as you can tell – we even share flood water!!

While I am watching my pegs floating away together with Aaron’s ball I may be joking in my blog, but SERIOUSLY I am a little concerned. Rain, rain go away or at least slow down a bit!!

As I am posting this the waters are subsiding – phew!! We are now left with a lawn that is covered in mud from the retaining wall and plant debris. Just when my garden was starting to look so good!!


One thought on “Row, row, row your boat…

  1. Elaine

    Wow! We have been wondering, but then … we were pleased you weren’t still in Christchurch. After all, you all can swim, but a volcano is another story!
    Lots love.


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