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I had a visit the other day to my doctor to see how my blood sugars are going after a month. I adapted my eating habits slightly over the first three weeks cutting out sugars and eating smaller carbohydrate portions. I have to be honest – I felt hungry a lot of the time and I only lost about 2 kg in that time. I began to do some RPM (cycling/spinning) classes at the gym and this has made a huge difference to me. I felt a little frustrated at not seeing much weightloss after giving up everything I love (chocolate especially!!!) and so I decided to try something a little more radical that would initiate quicker weightloss. I started taking the Herbalife Nutritional Shakes with extra protein added for breakfast and lunch everyday. Now I can hear you thinking, “that can’t be very healthy especially if you have diabetes, to not be eating most of the day.” That was the exact response I got from my teenage daughter initially. I had to explain to her that the shake I was drinking was exactly balanced and more nutritious than the food I would put together for myself at those meals. My main worry was that  I would be hungry all the time. To my surprise I found the opposite. I have felt satisfied all day without the need to snack between meals and my sugars have felt so stable and constant. I have had no sugar lows that leave me shaky and reaching for a quick sugary snack at the end of the day. In one week on Herbalife I have lost 1.4kg and 10cm in total on my body. Not bad for a week!! The true test came when I went for my blood test. The results were amazing. They have gone from a fasting blood glucaose level of over 7 to 6.1. My doctor was amazed and delighted. I am just above the normal rate now and will be able to drop this further if I stick with the weightloss and exercise. Mostly I am glad that I have found an efficient way to lose the pounds that leaves me feeling good. This product has worked so well for me that I am now selling it as a distributor to those who want it. I know I am not a salesperson, but I still feel that I can help a few people and at the same time get my products at a reduced cost so it is win – win for me.

Overall I am thrilled with my results and improved health – looking forward to making even greater progress.


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