I have been busy trying to get a few things done lately between my visits to the doctors. Since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I have had to go backwards and forwards as they initially do tests and work out what to do with me. I feel as though I should have my own reserved parking at the clinic. I have seen the dietician and I have altered my eating a bit and made sure that I am diligent in eating at consistent intervals. I would have loved to have seen my face when the dietician showed me how much I could eat at a sitting. My mind was thinking, “gee I’m going to starve if I eat that much.” I am not a huge eater, but I do enjoy my food and the thought of such a little amount made me want to cry out NOOOOOO!!! Nonetheless I am trying to be a good girl and I feel as though I have already lost a little bit of weight. Enough of that. My roses are in bloom again as you can tell by my new header. The pruning I gave them has paid off and I can see that I am going to enjoy many beautiful red and white roses this summer.

The only problem is that the aphids seem to be loving the roses too!!

I am busy on a project that shows some promise. I have decided to cover my lounge couches as they are wearing out and the fabric is not my ideal fabric, so I am sewing some fitted covers for them. I decided not to splash out and buy expensive fabric as I wasn’t sure how they would turn out due to my sewing skill. My solution was to buy some large white 100% cotton sheets from the op shop and attempt the project. If it turns out well I will consider splashing out in the future. Stay tuned for the end reveal.


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