Health update…..

My test results are in and it has been confirmed – I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes!! I know I have been putting on a brave face, but the truth is that when the doctor gave me the news, I felt a bit gutted!!  I have known deep down that this is probably  true, but having it stated again still comes as a shock especially when he proceeded to tell me that no matter how strict I am on my diet, I will most likely need medication and then ultimately insulin to control it for the rest of my life. I can cope with a tablet or two, but the thought of having to inject myself daily as I had to do when pregnant is too much for me to comprehend. I don’t want to go there again. Not only that, but now I have to be sent off for a number of other checks – for kidneys, heart and eyes and feet – the list goes on and I feel like a lab rat. I am sorry to vent – just having a quick self – pity moment before I kick these feelings up the butt and put my faith in our God who is bigger than all these little issues and is the designer of my body – and perfectly designed at that. The diet change will definitely be good for me – but I see God doing more – it is so hard when doctors pronounce things over you that is truth but also feels like a declaration of your condition for the rest of your future. My mind was screaming in my head as he declared the need for blood pressure medication in the future (my blood pressure has always been good!!) and greater diabetes medication, “No I reject those words, I have Jesus in my life and that doesn’t have to be the case. Stop saying that over me!!” All the while I was smiling at the man trying not to let my emotions spill over. Sometimes it is hard to live in heavenly realms while on the earth – the world doesn’t get it …. but they will when they see my complete healing from this disease that God never intended me to have. So for now I will run in the little rat maze and do all the tests that are needed, but I am rejoicing already for the time they look confounded at how my body has changed and is restored – as a daughter of the king, I expect no less!!


4 thoughts on “Health update…..

  1. embejo

    Ay! Sorry to hear about this Caroline…but great that you are positive. I’m sure it is a very unpleasant experience being told all the issues associated with diabetes. But like you say, it’s an opportunity to see some good come out of it in more ways than one. I hope you have lots of love and support around you…stay strong. Sending lots of love xo

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks E, I am over the initial horror of it all and feeling positive so all is good – thanks for your encouragement and support!!

  2. jodes

    Just been catching up on your blog and came upon this… just to let you know we are in agreement with you for healing.


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