A Wake Up Call….

About ten days ago I went to the doctor after much procrastination as I had a bladder infection. I thought I could flush it out myself (being fortunate enough never to have had this before and hence ignorant) I suffered for a few days before relenting. At my appointment they tested my urine and the doctors first question to me was, “There is sugar in your urine – are you diabetic?” This made my heart sink as I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with Aaron and I have been feeling for a while that I needed a blood test as things haven’t seemed right to me as I will have hypoglycaemic reactions when I forget to eat. Well what a wake up call again. I have not been eating all the things I should nor avoiding the chocolates, chips etc. I need to lose some weight (yep it crept back on over winter) and now I have been shocked back to reality. I can’t afford to be lax anymore. I went back to the doctor and he decided  I needed a full blood test and check up. After those results came back things weren’t all rosy. My cholesterol was a  little high but my fasting sugars were too high and so off I was sent for a fasting glucose test. That has been done this morning and now I have to wait a few days for the results. In some ways I am dreading it, but in another way I feel that if the diabetes has returned that it will force me to look after myself better, where I don’t always put myself first with a large family. So I can thank the Lord that my bladder infection wasn’t flushed out, as this could help me in the long run. Of course I believe that Jesus can heal me, and I pray for that,but it doesn’t get me off the hook in terms of being responsible to myself and my family. We all need to eat better – so out go all those sugars and too many carbs – it will be back to eating small, regular meals and getting that exercise in. I will let you know how it all pans out.


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