A laugh a minute…

Aaron has us in stitches at times with the things he comes out with. He is really a laugh a minute. His ears pick up way more than he should and it makes us realise how careful we have to be. Here are some of the latest cute moments.

Remember this picture taken recently. What I didn’t share was the whole conversation that took place between him and the bird. Hubby and I were in stitches. This is how it went:

“Okay birdie, when I say you must hop off me, you must listen, okay?”

After a brief second…   “Okay get off…”   The bird did not budge. Aaron said again, more firmly, “I said get off birdie…” Still the bird did not move. Eventually after he was getting very frustrated I suggested he tip the sunflower seeds from his hand onto the ground. That worked.

The other day I was chatting to the kids and I used a South African expression (can’t remember what it was). Aaron said, “what does that mean,” and I replied, “it’s a good african word,” before explaining it. Later on I heard him say to Zoe, “you are a blummer (made up word) and that is a good african word.”

Enough said – just make up your own good african words – why not – who would know!!

When Michaela went to the Deb Ball, after she had left Aaron commented to me rather worriedly. “Why has ………(her date) got a wedding suit on? Michaela can’t get married, but he’s wearing a wedding suit!”

On Sunday at church we had breaking of bread and when I said to Aaron, ” come and have some bread and juice with us, he replied, “I don’t really feel like the bread , but I am thirsty so I do want the blood.” Hubby and I chuckled again – where does he get these things. Had to explain to him that the bread was important too.

Arriving back from Zoe’s athletics meeting we made it to the front door as the rain came down and a huge clap of thunder roared. Aaron hasn’t really heard many thunder storms so I thought he would be scared. He simply said, “It’s the devil – he’s talking.”

Gotta love these little gems – but my favourite is this: “Mum I have a secret to tell you.” I bend over and he whispers in my ear, “you are beautiful.” He is a darling child.


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