The Enchanted Maze

As promised I will post on our visit to the Enchanted Maze. The hedges have faces and words cut into them which makes it look really cool. There is a lovely lolly shop and tea room and of course all the mazes and puzzles to do. The gardens were really magnificent and full of sculptures and statues. There were easy mazes and harder mazes, but none of us got lost. The girls enjoyed all the puzzle mazes and did them all. I enjoyed the scenery and took many pictures.

This picture was taken from the outside the shop/cafe looking down the gardens to the lake at the bottom.

A view of the cafe.

The mazes were made of thick hedges – I would have loved to go in the corn maze, but it was the wrong season for it.

Then we walked through the Enchanted Forest – there were many statues carved out of macrocarpa wood.

The princess and the frog!!

Unlike me at 10, Zoe is not afraid of large lizards.

And finally a cuddle with the only koala we have seen since arriving here in Australia.

Aaron enjoyed the real animals – the ducks and sheep and goat. Hubby wasn’t too keen on the goat who tried to eat his shorts.

A final stop at the Lolly shop on our way out and everyone was very happy on the way home. A great day.


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