Arthur’s Seat

The weather has finally been kind to us this weekend. On Friday we woke to a beautiful sunny day (something that has been rare till now) and so we decided to head off and explore the coastline. We went down to Mornington and then wound our way along the Esplanade till we came to a place called Dromana. We let the kids play in the beautiful golden sand and they even had a swim – crazy as the water was freezing!!

Then we drove up the hill to Arthur’s Seat. This has a magnificent view over the whole bay. What you can’t see in my photos is the city skyline of Melbourne. The bay is so huge that the buildings didn’t show up. It was lovely. I had to cut and paste my photos to try and get a panoramic view – didn’t have the energy to work out how to get that on my camera.

We couldn’t get the whole family to sit in Arthur’s Seat – I was behind the camera and the teenage mutant child was sulking at being made to venture into daylight with the rest of his uncool family!! How tough is it being a parent at times!!

The flowers were so beautiful up there – freesias growing wild and sending off a beautiful scent.

After that we drove a few hundred metres down the road to the Enchanted Maze, but more about that tomorrow. Daylight savings has kicked in and so we are enjoying an extra long, lazy, sunny afternoon – oh it feels like summer’s coming at last!!


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