A memorable weekend…

This weekend has passed way too fast. I have had my brother and family to stay and so enjoyed the time catching up. We said goodbye this morning as they flew on to Brisbane for a few days. I felt a little sad at the goodbye and even Aaron felt a bit sad. When I got back from the airport he said, “Mum, why did you take them to the plane. I want them to stay.” Very cute. Anyway we had a great few days – the weather was not very co-operative but we had fun anyway. Of course now that they have left the weather is perfect – up to 20 degrees and the sun shining in clear blue skies – doesn’t it just make you mad!!!

Yesterday we went to the Dandenong market with them. This is a cultural experience in itself. We all shopped and bought out numerous didgeridoos (have no idea how to spell that!!) and other paraphernalia. Then we had some snacks at the coffee shop because caffeine is a mans best friend!! All in all it was a fun morning.

My brother and niece

My sister-in-law and nephew.

By now the boys were tired of shopping and went home leaving us to finish off. We loved these flowers and had to have a photo in front of them.

We had planned a trip to the beach, but as the weather was poor we decided to spend time catching up instead and letting the kids have time to play and be with each other. They all got on really well with one another which was great. We had to make time for a photo session with all the cousins – boy that was hard to do – try and get every child to co-operate at once is no mean feat!!

Oops … realized we were missing Michaela – try again.

We took the kids for a walk up the 1000 steps too, as my brother and his gorgeous wife caught a train to the city to catch up with friends. Everyone managed to get to the top (with the bribe of ice cream being the motivating factor). We also spotted that elusive kookaburra at last.

My cute niece and nephew.

Aaron and Ethan having a water break.

This weekend was great and we all so enjoyed it. It makes us really appreciate the family times we have.


One thought on “A memorable weekend…

  1. Your Mom

    What lovely pictures of you all! Thanks for sharing them – I am sure you had lots to talk about and to share – we look forward to hearing all the news from Rob and Trace when we see them.


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