Debutante’s Ball

Last night Michaela went to a Debutante’s Ball as a guest. This seems to be a huge deal here in Victoria Australia. We are still trying to figure out why that is. It seems that thousands of dollars are spent on these events. Michaela’s deb ball will be next year, but my ever practical daughter has already told me she does not want to spend all that money on a ball – she has other ideas in mind of better ways to use that amount. So last night she duly went off to the ball with some of her friends. She had a great time and enjoyed herself but I think she still does not want to have all that expense next year. It seems that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for your tickets, then the kids have to have professional dance lessons which you pay for, the dresses alone must cost hundreds and so the list goes on. When she was collected by her “date” she got given these beautiful flowers – isn’t that lovely?? (EEK … my daughter is old enough to be getting flowers!!!)

I thought she looked lovely in her electric blue dress. Enjoy the photos!!

We had some silly and fun moments too!!

So here are the lovely people!


3 thoughts on “Debutante’s Ball

  1. Your Mom

    You sure know how to bring a big lump to my throat! She looked so beautiful and her partner is quite dishy too! Rob and Trace & co are on their way to Joburg and then on to Oz this evening. So I really have a lump in my throat!!

  2. Amber

    Caroline – You have an absolutely gorgeous daughter! I know I told you that in one of your other posts before. šŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for your very sweet, encouraging words you left on my blog. Every word was tucked away into the recesses of my heart! Bless you!


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