Spring in the Park

Finally the sun peeped out – a beautiful day today with blue skies – oh I was beginning to think we would never see it again. I decided to take Aaron to the park and soak up these elusive rays. The wind was still a little fresh but how lovely it was sitting in that sun!!

As usual I couldn’t let the poor child just enjoy his play time – crazy mother with camera on the loose. I think the kids are getting used to me being in their faces with my camera. I got some cute shots of him playing – quite hard when your 4 year old is tearing around at a speed – captured a few blurry ones too.

Here he was having a little lie down at the top of the slide.

After a while Aaron decided that it was his turn to take a photo of Mum – this is his photo – not bad for a 4 year old.

After the park we walked to meet Zoe from school. I was swooped by a magpie – a first for me and rather a scary experience. They are so cheeky. This bird would not give up. It would wait for me to get ahead of it then it would dive bomb me. It tried about three or four times and eventually I had my newspaper rolled into a tube and the game was on. I was hoping that miserable little birdieĀ  would try once more because I was going to club it with my paper. Fortunately it saw the mean streak and determined look in my eye and gave up. I don’t hope to experience that again in a hurry. Anyway, besides the mad birds the sunny day was glorious.


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