Writing and more…

I have finally managed to print out my whole book (yes I found that elusive spare cartridge) but as I have been reading through my story I became dissatisfied with how abruptly and how boringly I ended the story. I think I just got tired of writing it and so I quickly finished it. There is no point to a story that is hopefully exciting and interesting ending on such a weak note. So I have gone back to my netbook and I am reworking the ending. The exciting thing for me is not just my book, but the fact that I have been asked by someone in the media world to read and edit a screenplay. This person is in our church and has been working on this screenplay for three years ( and I thought I took long to write my book). When he prayed and asked God who he should give it to to read, God told him to give it to me. This is exciting because it gives me someone to give my book to when it is ready to be read and critiqued. He has asked me to be brutally honest (I’m really praying it will be good) so that it helps him in the long run. The reason for this post is because just a few days ago I blogged about being unsure where to now and that my first love is writing and would be to be involved in this somehow. Isn’t God amazing how He hears our desires. The other exciting thing for me is that it is affirmation from God himself that my writing opinion and ability is pleasing to Him as He recommended me – wow that is awesome – recommended by God himself!! So not only does this maybe open doors for me and give me some experience but I get affirmed at the same time – Our God is so good all the time!!


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