Sneak Preview

Today I was feeling very creative and managed to lay my hands on a sewing machine, so I couldn’t let the moment get away from me. I sewed till I was blue in the face. I haven’t sewed for years  and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Think I will have to hint for a sewing machine for Birthday/Christmas. I had to use what I had here already as I am hanging in for payday. I used some blue and white placemats that I got from an op shop a while ago to make some stripy cushions for the kids room. Then I used one of Michaelas old skirts that she no longer fits into to make a funky cushion – I love this fabric – it is velvety and soft and the colour and pattern is stunning. As you can see I have also painted Zoe’s bed Antique White and so here is a little sneak preview of the Red, white and blue makeover. Still a long way to go though!!

Here is the skirt before I sewed it up.

These are the stripy cushions – I might still add some detail to them – like red buttons or some stars.

This is how her bed looks now – a start but not the end result yet!!

This cute little nutcracker we found at an op shop – isn’t he gorgeous?

I’m loving the colours – can’t wait for the whole room to be complete. Will reveal that to you soon.


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