Hubby and I have a beautiful teenage daughter, and believe me this does not go unnoticed by boys. She is at the age now where she is attracting attention and we need to work out the whole dating thing in our minds. Oh the days when one didn’t have to worry about these things – when boys were still YUCK!! Those days are long gone now. Fortunately we have a daughter who honours us and who knows what she wants too. We have expressed our desire that she not formally date while still at school as this puts huge pressure on our kids – to conform to the world’s values when the relationship is so young and may go nowhere. We prefer that she make friends with both sexes and participate in group activities. A certain young man at church has decided she is THE ONE. She has told him that they can only be friends right now. What really blesses us is the fact that this young man has personally phoned Hubby and asked for his input to keep him accountable in their friendship. He has chatted through issues with us and even joined our homegroup so that they can build friendship with one another while remaining accountable as well. I love the fact that this young man is willing to do this and honour us as her parents as well as her decision and choice to be friends. This too, is honoring to God and the fact that he really loves Jesus is also a blessing. Time will tell if this will go anywhere, but for now I am grateful for a godly young man and for a daughter who shares her heart and feelings openly with us.


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