School Trip…

Hubby roped me in today to help with a school trip they were going on. So at last I have had my first trip into the city of Melbourne after living here for 9 months. I so enjoyed it – some of the old architecture is just magnificent. We went to Parliament House and saw the green and red rooms. The detail in the building was phenomenal. I took some photos on my phone, but I have had problems downloading some of them so bloggers lesson number 1 – even when you think you won’t have an opportunity to take photos, ignnore that evil instinct and take your camera anyway!! Lesson learned. Then we went to the Immigration Museum and that was fascinating. Finally we had lunch next to the Sandridge Bridge which crosses the Yarra River. Enjoy my photos. Please note how the weather changed in the photos – these are all taken on the same morning – Melbourne has the most changeable weather I have ever lived in!! The Yarra River is not normally this dirty either – we have had torrential rains so I guess that is why it is a lovely muddy brown.

I loved these horses and carriage. There are heaps of trams in the city which reminds me of days spent in Christchurch.

I have not forgotten about my table makeover – due to lack of funds to complete it, you will have to be patient for about another 10 days when I am able to buy supplies to finish it off – just a little tidbit – it’s starting to look good!!


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