Here it is….

Well here it is at last – a hard copy of the book I am writing. Yep I have finished – well sort of. I needed to put it into print so that I can edit it and scribble on it to finalise it – much easier than trying to do it on the computer. I am missing 17 pages from this book as my printer ran out of ink (grrr) and I can’t find the spare cartridge (don’t you hate it when you put something away safely and then forget where it was – or is it only me who does such ridiculous things!!). I am very proud of my perseverance to finish this story. It has taken me all of 14 months although I haven’t written consistently. Nevertheless I am pleased that I finished this as sometimes I tend to start things and not complete them. (I can picture hubby nodding his head vigorously – remember that chaise I bought – say no more!!) I will keep you posted to my progress with this and if any of you have any ideas how to go about getting some copies published or self-published, please feel free to comment and help me out.


6 thoughts on “Here it is….

  1. Your Mom

    Well done! I am proud of you not only for your perseverence but for all your money-saving ideas. You are making a lovely home – I also wish I lived closer so that I could make your chair covers for you.


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