Spring and other things…

We have been so busy lately and haven’t had time to unwind and relax. This holiday I plan to just relax and enjoy our time. I think some lovely picnic’s sound like a good idea (if spring will actually arrive – it keeps disappearing – today is the first day of spring and it is cold and rainy!! ). We have been told that a visit to the Rhododendron gardens up in the Dandenongs will be superb as soon as they start flowering. I hear there is a lso a Tulip Festival that happens on a farm near here and that sounds like fun too. This is a photo from their website.

There is supposed to be lots of Dutch products as well and entertainment, so that could be quite a nice outing for the family. A few bunches of those beauties would go down well too!!

Some picnics in the country are appealing – I love lying in the sun listening to bees buzzing and feeling the lazy warmth of spring on you. We need to get out into the open for another reason too. We have been blessed again by someone. We have been given a small mini motorbike for the kids to ride on. This will be such fun for Ethan, Michaela and even Zoe – BUT we need to find a very big open space!!

Then of course, hopefully it will be warm enough to get to the beach on the odd day. We have so much to still explore.

I have found some new and exciting things to work on over the next few weeks. I have started on the bedroom makeover for the kids – I have painted Zoe’s bed which is a start but I will save those photos for my reveal.

I was looking at Michaela’s light fitting the other day in her room and thinking – since there are some beautiful features in this rental home that obviously cost a fair bit to install, why did the owner put some light fittings in that actually aren’t even really fittings? I dunno – maybe he ran out of cash. So when I saw this baby selling for 99c on ebay I thought of my daughter and how I hubby could put this up in her room after I gave it an antique white makeover ( Yes I really had to talk myself into not keeping the green to match the ugly curtains!!).  And yes, I did win it for 99c.

Then I found myself a table for our dining room that I want to convert into a farmhouse country table – more about that later. So that is what I have been up to for the last few days. Here’s hoping that spring will find us soon and that those lovely outings will become a reality!!


One thought on “Spring and other things…

  1. Your Mom

    Spring is here! Even though you are having wet weather you still seem to be getting bargains for your home! Hope the weather clears so you can get out and enjoy the sunshine and your beautiful surroundings. Spring fever has hit me too – spent this morning shampooing carpets – they have come up really nicely. Look forward to seeing your table and light fitting.


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