If I could dream a little about what I would see my life like if I could have anything, this is what it would be. I would live in a country farmhouse with a wrap around porch that looked over the fields and to the mountains (because I have always loved mountains). I would have chickens scratching in the garden (which would be full of country flowers of course) and fresh eggs for breakfast each day. I would have a vegetable patch that would feed us and a big swing in the backyard hanging from a tall tree for the kids. Life would be simple and living off the land in greater measure. There would be family time that would be quality and technology (except for my netbook which I am very attached to) would be limited. Sunsets would be appreciated as we sat on the porch with our sundowners. We did have this dream briefly a few years ago, but only for a short while.

The reality is that as much as I dream of a country life, we are called to be here in Melbourne at this season in God. I know that we could live happily that way, but God has called us to get back into church leadership and as much as I have dug my heels in and fought God on this, I have lost the battle (how surprising!!) He has spoken to my heart and urged me on to go back to the place that once tore us to shreds. Our circumstances are so different now and the leadership we are under are incredible, so I feel very secure. So dreaming is all it shall be – I will settle for what I am blessed with – a home that is like a big farmhouse, and a 10 minute drive which puts me in the country with little effort. As for the mountains….. well we’ll keep dreaming!!! To find out more about what is happening with us, keep checking my blogs (4maze and Fresh Encounters) to see  where God is leading us – more on this soon!!


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