Treasure Finds…

I popped into our local op shop this morning and hit the jackpot. This shop is really so cheap – it’s no wonder there is hardly ever room to move in there. I stopped initially to see how much the pine coffee table was selling for. Unfortunately it had a sold sticker on it, but even that was only $5. I found the following items.

This great bowl that stands in a metal base – I might use it for my glass decorative balls. I paid $3 for it.

Then I bought a lovely Duck egg blue /green cotton blanket (double size) for $3 – these blankets are great for winter – not too heavy but get the job done and we have been borrowing blankets this winter so I am glad to now have some of my own.

Another cotton blanket for a single bed in cream – beautiful condition $3

I found these fabric offcuts – some fairly large pieces that I can use to make pillow slips or a quilt. I loved the rose patterns. There is a large rose pattern and a smaller matching pattern. I paid $1.50 for this. Although I am not fully into the Biggie Best country look anymore ( I was in the 80’s) I still love little pops of floral patterns with stripes  to accent plain colours – mostly white bedding of course!!

This cute little plate caught my attention – loved the rose pattern again – 25c

A cream calico tablecloth that I am planning to use for craft work – I want to make some monograms in frames and monogrammed cushion covers so this fabric will work well. $1

One of my favourite things today was this beautiful white cushion. It goes perfectly with my bed linen and will sit nicely on my bed I think. This was $1.

And last but not least some more books for our bookshelf that needs filling. These books were bundled together with about 6 books in each bundle. They were selling for 25c a bundle – I bought three bundles.

All up this little visit cost me $13.50 – not bad I say!!

I am planning to revamp Zoe and Aaron’s bedroom. Their room has been a mismatch of all sorts as a result of our move. I want to make it into a nice space for the two of them – my challenge is keeping Zoe’s side girlie without making it too feminine for Aaron. I am thinking of neutral colours with a touch of colour – maybe some cushions with the fabric I bought today on Zoe’s bed and some striped fabric in co-ordinating colours for Aaron. Again it all depends on what I can get on a budget – the goal is to make a lovely space for them without costing us a fortune.


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