Fathers Day Treat…

One of Hubby’s favourite past times is to barbeque. Something about men, fire and meat – that hunter instinct I think. Well, Fathers Day is coming up here in a week or so and I decided to buy hubby a BBQ this year. Usually we don’t make a big deal of mothers day or fathers day, but this year is different. He has worked hard to get work here and to establish a life for us in a new country and so I really wanted him to be blessed. This man is my best friend and a great dad to our four kids. He is always upbeat and positive and has a great sense of adventure. Yep, life with him has never had a dull moment!!

Again, I didn’t want to stretch our budget too badly. I priced BBQ’s at places like Bunnings and K-Mart and other stores and they were roughly from about $129 upwards. Then the gas bottle was about $49. All up I was looking at about $180 – TOO MUCH.

So off to the auction site I went and did some research. I managed to find a 4 burner BBQ that has barely been used with a gas bottle and a cover. So I bid – and yes I won it – Yahoo – and all for just $66. That is a saving of over $100. There are some definite advantages of being able to shop this way – it does require patience and determination sometimes, and you have to know your limit of what you will spend, but once you get all that sorted it is actually great fun. Although this is an early prezzie for hubby (since he has to help me collect it!!) I am pleased that he, and ultimately all of us will get enjoyment from it. Keep posted for our first Aussie BBQ photos on this little baby!!


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