Station Banners….

Most of you know that I love decorating my home with little things that make it unique and special. I get even greater pleasure when it is using something I already have lying around or it costs me very little. I want to be responsible that we don’t waste money unnecessarily but at the same time I want to have a home that I love being in and that my family enjoy living in too.

Sometimes it is doing very small things like putting a bit of colour from the garden into a jar.

Taking old bits of furniture or fabric that have no use to others anymore and transforming them into something fresh and new that is useful and beautiful is enjoyable and relaxing for me as well. Sometimes it is simply displaying some unusual items like books, shoes or a dress in an unusual way.

My latest thoughts and ideas are to make myself a station sign/banner (I’m not even sure of the correct name) of all the streets or places we have lived over the last 20 years. When I was deciding how to do it without it costing an arm and leg I remembered that the back of the bookshelf hubby made has MDF board that is rather bland in our family room. I have been trying to decide what to do with it forever – maybe now we can kill two birds with one stone, I saw this in a magazine and think I could be able to make something similar. Watch this space – it could take weeks, but hopefully I will get there.

Photos from Better Homes and  Gardens.

This is the space I will use – I quite like the idea of some union jack cushions too!!


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