Springs on its way…. or is it?

This has been a lovely winter for us, although Melburnians say it has been nasty and cold. We are still sleeping under a summer sheet with a summer doona (duvet) and we are fine. I guess living in Christchurch for a few years had its advantages!! The spring flowers are starting to bloom and it is green and lovely here after all the winter rain. When I arrived here it was dry and hot and everything looked brown to me. Wrong again!! It was very green this year according to the Melburnians – a wetter summer. It just goes to show that everything is viewed in life through the lenses of our experience. It has also been a lesson to me not to expect today to be like yesterday or to view things the same way – that will lead to disappointment in life. Each day is a new day – we need to live it and love it for today. Here are some of the flowers I have taken photos of the last few days while walking Zoe to school.    

I guess spring is on its way ….. or is it – it’s been freezing this week – but I shall enjoy today for it is the day the Lord has made – I shall rejoice and be glad in it!!

One of my most favourite flowers …. daffodils.

And the other favourite ….. blossom trees.


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