Makeshift Headboard

I have been looking for a headboard for our bed on ebay for awhile. Although I have seen some beautiful ones, and even bid on a few, I am not prepared to pay a fortune – I believe if I persevere that I will get something I like at a great price. In the meantime I have made a temporary plan. When I won my 99c couches on ebay, they came with thin foam matresses under the cushions. I pulled them out today and covered them with some fabric I got at the op shop a while ago. I didn’t even sew them – I just pinned them with safety pins at the back. It is very basic and a little crooked in places but it will serve its purpose for now. So all up my makeshift headboard cost me $2 – not bad hey?

I like this fabric – it is lovely and has a bit of colour in the stripe.

This is the abandoned chair I found – it now sits next to hubby’s bed – I have moved the white one next to my bed. I haven’t painted this one – I quite like the contrast between the two chairs so for now it stays brown.

There is something about white bedlinen – not too practical with kids, but I love it anyway.


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