Birthday Boy…

Today we decided to celebrate Ethan’s 14th birthday. It is not his actual birthday till Tuesday the 10th, but we have a crazy week ahead of us next week – something on every night till next Sunday. He has a day off school on Monday and so we thought we would give him his present early so that he could really enjoy it on his long weekend. This boy has been a joy – yes there are times I have not quite been able to fathom him (as I mentioned in the puberty post) but other times he surprises me and will give me a hug and kiss and a “I love you Mum”. These are the moments I treasure and I enjoy his sense of humour. Yes, he does try to shock me at times, but other times he can be really funny. He is creative, has a wild sense of humour and will be a great young man I think. Happy Birthday Ethan – may this year be an awesome one for you!!!

Reading his birthday Card from G & G


One thought on “Birthday Boy…

  1. Your Mom

    Happy Birthday Ethan – we are proud to have a grandson like you and just wish that we could be there to celebrate your day with you. Lots of love G & G


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