Happy Ever After….

Today is my Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary. For some reason (probably old age creeping up on me) I can never remember the year they were married – I have a sneaky suspicion this is their 49th wedding anniversary or it could even be their 50th. This is an awesome achievement! We all know that marriage isn’t always the romantic dream we have in our heads when we walk down the aisle – it takes hard work, lots of forgiveness and choosing one’s battles – not every battle needs to be fought and won. But the other side of the coin is growing old with someone who knows you better than yourself and yet still loves you warts and all! It is having someone to share your dreams with and someone who cheers you on when you feel you can’t quite get there. As the years have gone on  I have found that I love my honey more and more each day – yes there are still times I get frustrated and want to wring his neck, but mostly I am so appreciative of all the adventures we’ve had together and the fun along the way, not to mention our awesome kids. So Mom and Dad – thank you for persevering all these years – in a world where marriage  is not always valued anymore, it has been a blessing for us to grow up in a home where our family has been intact and you have loved each other through thick and thin. I know Mom has had to put up with some wild adventures with you Dad, but I know she wouldn’t have changed any of it. Here’s hoping that there are many years of adventure ahead. And here’s hoping that Hubby and I can get as far down the road as you have. Love you both!!

Mom and Dad with my brother at his 40th birthday.


One thought on “Happy Ever After….

  1. Your Mom

    We have been so blessed to have had 49 years together – ups and downs like all marriages, but love has seen us through and as you say one’s love grows stronger as the years pass. We hope to have many more adventures together – the next one being Kruger Park for 5 weeks in October. Thank you for the good wishes. Love


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