On Saturday, late afternoon, we went for a walk up the 1000 steps (felt like a million!!) and I was worried that I would hardly be able to move the next day. Thankfully I am not very sore – which is not how I felt after the first time I did it.

Here are some of our photos – please forgive me for the fuzzy ones – because I was huffing and puffing and had wobbly legs, they are not too good!!

Before you start the 1000 steps there is an 800m walk to the stairs  up the hill on a track – that alone is exhausting.

Michaela was great helping Aaron.

Here’s my other “bush baby”.

These are the stairs we climbed… and climbed …. and climbed!!

It was thirsty work but we did it. The bribe of an ice cream from hubby helped get everyone to the top.


2 thoughts on “Climbing….

  1. Your Mom

    Well done to you all – you will be tackling the great wall of China next! Dad is already making plans to bake some damper on the webber fire!


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