God is Faithful…

Sometimes I have to chuckle at how God takes our silly situations that seem so big in our minds and uses them to challenge and grow us. Today Hubby preached for the first time in the church we have joined here in Melbourne. He said that it was strange to be back in the pulpit, but he did a really good job. I was a little nervous I must admit – not because I don’t think he is capable – I know he is, but because the very message he was asked to bring was the thing he was criticized for a few weeks ago (mentioned in a previous blog post) – the area of Fathering and fatherhood. Heehee, don’t you love God’s sense of humour? So I was stressing a little this morning wondering what would come out of the woodwork when God whispered in my ear, “What are you afraid of and why are you afraid? Is it because you don’t want to be rejected again by people, or is it because you really want to see my kingdom come?” OUCH!!! Yes, I had to concede that there was truth in His words and the fear of rejection was buried there deep down – so I prayed and let it go.

This enabled me to relax and enjoy the message brought. I realised that I could not control how others felt and that this should not stop us from doing what God has called us to – after all, if we had to be perfect to minister in His kingdom, we would all be doomed!!

But again I smile, God used the very area of our weakness to minister and be a blessing today – Hubby could have curled up in a ball and said, “No, I don’t feel confident to bring this word, or I’m not worthy to bring this word,” but fortunately my man loves a challenge and rises to it – that and the fact that he has a revelation of God’s goodness and love to him as a son.

What have I learned today ? – God is faithful – all the time!! Again we saw his favour and pleasure to us today in the little things. Michaela has been wanting a guitar for ages and I thought of getting her one for Christmas, when today, someone handed her a guitar – a better one than we would have afforded for her. Then on our way home, in the middle of nowhere (no residences about) we spotted an abandoned chair – just waiting to be picked up by someone. I have been looking for another chair for our room for next to our bed and it was as though God just said, “there’s your chair- just because I love you and my favour is on you.” How awesome is our God – He is good all the time – from the very big to the little details!!


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