A Wander down Memory Lane….

It’s Saturday morning and for once we have no pressing issues, functions or anything else to get to and so we are having a lie in. I am lying on my bed with a cup of good plunger coffee, my netbook baby, listening to the most favourite thing in the world – a dove cooing outside my window. That sound alone brings me a multitude of memories as a child growing up on a farm. Childhood is so special and I am so grateful for the family I grew up in – I have great memories of days on a farm as a toddler, blossom trees and daffodils, pine forests and the Drakensberg mountains and unfortunately of the butter pat that a neighbour of ours loved to use on our bottoms when we were naughty. I remember going into the little farm village with my Mom to the butcher and getting free frankfurters. Living in a small community has its advantages and as a result I have always loved the countryside. Somehow I have always found taking a drive out of town into the wide expanse of fields, vineyards, farms etc. actually rejuvenates me like nothing else.

One of the best holidays hubby and I have had was on a farm in the Drakensberg in South Africa years ago before we had kids. We stayed in a little cottage on someone’s farm with another couple we were friends with. Everything was basic. There was no electricity, just paraffin lanterns – our stove was a wood fire which we had to cook on and our hot water was heated by fire too. We spent our days walking in the foothills of the mountains and tubing down the river as well as reading and relaxing. It was so laid back – no shops to go to – our only purchase was fresh milk from the farmer and it was bliss.

I think deep down I could easily be a country girl at heart. When we lived in George in South Africa we lived on a farm for about 3 years and we loved it. I love that my two older kids will have similar memories to me – of playing on the swing in the old pine tree and riding the pig, watching their bunny have babies and playing in fields that stretched for miles. These are important memories for our kids. Hubby has hidden farming aspirations too I think. He dived in wholeheartedly and raised chickens and ducks and we had a couple of pigs and a lamb. It was a great way to live.

What makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed?


2 thoughts on “A Wander down Memory Lane….

  1. Your Mom

    I am happy to hear that the childhood memories are still dear to you – as you know, Dad and I just love the countryside too and to get away into the bush (in the caravan, of course!) is just the nicest way of relaxing for us. It is exactly 10 weeks until we are on the road to Kruger for 35 days – that makes it just 70 sleeps! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday although it is nearly over for you – we are just starting ours. Thank goodness we don’t have to watch the Springboks getting slaughtered by the All Blacks or the Wallabies today!!!

    1. 4maze Post author

      Yes, we had some great holidays, didn’t we? I’m sorry about the rugby – painful to watch – I’m hoping the All Blacks thump the Wallabies tonight – still an AB supporter!!


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