Making a difference – one life at a time

We live privileged lives – we have a warm home with a comfy bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, good education opportunities, a car, food in our tummies and great healthcare. And yet often we complain about our lack and our needs. If there is one thing I would like my children to learn in this life, it would be to have compassion and love for those less fortunate than themselves, to make a difference in whatever way they can without becoming indifferent to the plight of those less fortunate. In this area, we are passionate that mediocrity is not acceptable!!

We decided as a family a few years ago to sponsor a little girl from the Philippines who is about the same age as Zoe. So for the last few years we send a small amount to help her with her schooling, food and clothing and any other needs she may have. We write letters to her and receive letters from her periodically. This is a very simple thing and does not require much from us. Lately we have been challenged to become more involved in a hands on way. Our church has a trip to India planned for January and Hubby is very keen to go. I have always wanted to visit India. Our church partners with an orphanage there and another church in Delhi that feeds, clothes and educates street children. Our next desire is to sponsor two children from India – for the cost of a  takeout meal for our family here in Australia, we could sponsor two children for one month. We are hoping that we will get the opportunity to actually meet these children. I would love to take each of my children, over time, for a visit to India, so that they can see first hand those who need prayer, unconditional love and healing. This is a place where signs, wonders and miracles are beginning to happen in greater measure. Michaela has already expressed a desire to go and to be part of the outreach team next year, so that will be a goal for us.

If you would like to see more of the work we are doing or sponsor a child then look at  or 

Making a difference can be so simple!! Be Blessed as you go out and bless others.


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