Discovering our surroundings…

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. My brother and his family are coming over from South Africa in September to check out Australia. Now even though they will only be with us for about three days it has got me thinking about what there is to do here in the near vicinity. We have not explored too much of Melbourne and surrounds yet, simply because of financial constraints, but that is all behind us now and we can actually get out and about more. So here are some of the places I would like to see in Victoria over the next few months.

Melbourne City (yes believe it or not we haven’t even walked through our city yet!!)

Then I would like to visit Phillip Island which is about an hours drive from our home – to see the penguin parade at sunset – apparently heaps of penguins come out of the water and up the beach to nest for the night.

Then I want to take a drive along the Great Ocean Road to see the scenery and the Twelve Apostles. I can imagine that the scenery would be fantastic!!

Then I would like to take a trip over the Dandenong Mountains (hills really!!) into the Yarra Valley where the vineyards are. A delicious lunch and a bit of wine tasting really appeals to me, followed by a picnic blanket in the sun and a great magazine or book to read. It sounds romantic, but with four kids the reality would probably be different – mmm I think hubby and I will have to do this one alone!!

I have been told that this quaint little spot is a great tea spot – for Devonshire Teas – scones dripping with jam and cream – yum!! I can see Michaela and I loving this place – maybe a girls day out!!

So what do you all think – lots to do in our near vicinity. The Puffing Billy train is another afternoon option.

Looking forward to getting out and exploring – now would winter please buzz off so that we can get out and about!!


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