Writing update…

I have been writing again after a very sporadic season of putting pen to paper (sorry that’s the old-fashioned way) or rather fingers to keyboard. I have found it has been a bit difficult to motivate myself, but that seems to be over. I am determined to persevere with my book and complete it. I wrote another short children’s rhyme story the other day and I was quite pleased with the results. That takes my writing up to 3 complete stories and one that is nearing completion of the basic story. Then it will require some editing and descriptive language added. So far I have written 37 843 words in this book, which is about 170 – 180 pages of story and there is still a bit to go. This blog is not to blow my trumpet, but more to keep me accountable for finishing it no matter what, so when I get too silent on the writing front, please ask me what is happening with my book!! That way I will get it done. I am looking forward to getting some people to read it eventually, but also terrified of that prospect!!


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