playing with furniture

As usual I have picked up a some things from the op shop – the latest being an old wooden chair. I have been looking high and low for bedside tables for our room and each time I spot something I like on ebay, the price just rockets. I am not prepared to spend a fortune so in the meantime I plan to use two old wooden chairs that have had the antique white paint treatment as bedside tables. Unfortunately they only had one old chair so I will look for another – I quite like non- matching items. It was a nice wood and I used to love wooden furniture but I have moved on from everything¬† being brown to painted and distressed wood. I love it when a piece of furniture looks used, old, worn and loved. Sorry if you are a wood fan – I can hear you hyperventilating!! As a teenager I found one of my dad’s old jerseys (jumper) that Mom had thrown out. It was stretched out of shape and had a few holes in the arms where the seam stitching had come undone. I loved that jersey – it had character. Mom insisted on at least stitching up the seams if I was going to humiliate myself by wearing it in public, but I would have none of it. That is how I like my furniture – with a few bangs and dents.

First I lightly sanded the chair with a fine sandpaper.

Then I tackled it with my paintbrush and antique white paint, giving it a few coats of paint. This was not perfect painting as I wanted the chair to look a bit worn. I also painted an ugly brown cupboard that holds our dvd and television in the same antique white paint.

When the chair was dry I took my sandpaper and rubbed a few places on the chair to get it looking a bit distressed and worn. Now hubby has a new bedside table next to his bed that is not your typical bedside table.

This is how the chair and the cabinet turned out.

Cabinet before:

And after:

The bedroom is slowly taking shape – still working on that headboard!!


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