Good morning to you all and apologies if yesterday’s post was a bit tense – I think I needed to vent!! Anyway while showering this morning God gave me amazing revelation ( Iseem to get great revelation in the shower!!) of how to tackle my frustration and confusion with the whole puberty thing. I felt God say to me that when we are emotional or moody with Him and life in general that He doesn’t throw His hands up in despair, nor does He see us as spoiled brats who can’t have their own way. He always looks at us not as we display ourselves to be in circumstances or in the natural, but rather He sees our potential of what He has created us to be. He sees Jesus in us which makes us righteous and beautiful in His sight even when we are not behaving that way. Now this is all stuff I know, but at times it slips my mind when I begin thinking in earthly terms. So I felt God say to me – Don’t look at what is wrong and confess those things but rather start to declare what you want to see – the potential of all that is in your sons and daughters. So this is something like the prayer I prayed in the shower this morning.

Father, I declare that today would be a day of favour and blessing over my children’s lives. That they would be inspired academically, understand the concepts that they are taught and that joy, peace and Your presence would follow them today. Let them have a revelation of Your goodness God in everything they do and I declare that they be a blessing to others around them – that Your kingdom and glory would shine through them to those around.

That was the gist of it and so I am determined to keep this up. God created the whole universe with His words and so too are we able to create or tear down with our words. I am truly thankful for my children – they have been a joy and a blessing to us – and I see that God has exciting things ahead of them. Thank You Lord for showing us that You first loved us and what true love is all about – Your goodness is great!!


One thought on “Declaration

  1. Tina

    So true Caroline! It’s hard being parents of teenagers (now I know how my parents felt)… but you hit the nail on the head, declaring who they are, leaving them under His grace, loving them as God sees them and speaking LIFE into every situation! A lesson for me to learn right now as well!
    lotsa love t


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