Back to reality….

Today is the beginning of true reality for us all as a family in Melbourne. Our new life here really begins today as Hubby starts his new job and things will return to normal. The kids are back at school (much to their disgust!!) and it is Aaron and I at home again. I am hopefully going to be walking again heaps as we only have one car and hubby is using it for work – my body needs the exercise – almost all the weight I lost walking when we got here has crept back on over the last few months – so time to take control!! It seems strange to be back into this routine after a long period where we were trusting God and believing we had made the right move. Things are looking up – our medical care is now sorted as is our family tax benefit and so everything is falling into place. I do feel like a weight has been lifted – juggling bill payments has been a challenge and getting used to living on a monthly salary again has really been hard, but manageable. I do prefer the NZ system of paying employees every two weeks and paying our rent weekly rather than monthly, but that’s how it goes – adjustment is what it is all about!! And so now I can tackle my messy home and get it all back into order – the holidays are great – but not always fruitful on the housework front and things tend to lag behind, so I have a lot of catching up to do. What is the weather like today – MAGNIFICENT of course – it’s the first day back at school!!


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