Mornington Pier

Yesterday we took a drive to the Mornington Pier. It was about a 25minute drive and the weather was overcast with the sun trying to peek out. We decided to go anyway because we have had so much rainy weather the last few weeks that we thought we would seize the moment. We had a lovely morning. Enjoy the photos!!

We saw some amazing jellyfish as you can see in the photo above. There was also a small school of dolphins – I need a camera that can take pictures with a greater zoom lens – this is all I could get of them.

I got some lovely photos of the kids – I am so short of photos of Ethan as he has missed the last couple of family outings due to being at friends.

After we left the pier we drove to a nearby beach in Mornington because there were rows of coloured boathouses we wanted to see. Zoe posed in front of an Aussie flag boathouse.

Hubby posed next to this gorgeous creature painted on a boathouse. I told him it was her or me and he had to choose – I think he made a good choice when he cuddled up to me!!

All in all we had a great day – I would love to go back when then day is clearer so that we can see across the bay to the city.


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