Grant’s Picnic

Yesterday we took a drive into the Dandenong ranges to a place called Grant’s Picnic. The trees are huge and the birdlife is incredible. It is a bit of a tourist trap but we went later in the day and on a week day. It wasn’t too busy, but I an imagine summer would find it packed. The cockatoos are vast in number and they swoop out of the trees to be fed by everyone. This is still a novelty for me – seeing beautiful cockatoos, rosellas, parrots and more flying free in nature so I really enjoy it.

Then we had a couple of walks along the walking tracks. The vegetation was beautiful – huge, towering trees above with tree ferns and mosses underneath – a beautiful sight.

Have you hugged a tree today? The trees were so beautiful they were soft enough to hug – literally.

Can you see how huge the trees are? Hubby was standing at the base of this enormous tree.


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