Candelabra makeover

I have been longing to work on a creative task but have had nothing to do as I have held myself back from thrifting until hubby is earning a salary again. It drives me crazy that creative inspiration always strikes when I am unable to do anything about it!! That is until yesterday. We are having hard rubbish in our area – in other words people are throwing out all their trash on the sidewalk to be collected by the council. Now technically one is not meant to scrounge through this trash, but we have been told that if you knock on the owner’s door and ask if you may remove certain items then it is fine. While driving yesterday, hubby spotted a large candelabra on the side of the road. This man is well trained in my tastes and he stopped and secured it for me. What a darling!! The colour is ugly and it has wooden “candlesticks” that have place for tealights at the top. So I now have something to work on, and best of all it cost NOTHING!!!  I am planning on painting the iron – it is heavy –  and changing the look to match my other candleholders.

Here are the before pics.

I didn’t have many supplies and didn’t want to spend any money on this so I just used some of the acrylic paint I had from my paint set. A couple of coats of paint and this is what it looks like now.

It seems to go much better with my other things now. I am not sure about the wooden candle holders though – for now they will do but I will probably put real candles on this stand or maybe cover them with some cool paper with a pattern – will see about that!

I also added a punch of colour to my lounge by quickly covering two pillows with shocking pink sheer curtain fabric I had. I love the contrast of the bright pink with the black couches.

Another thing I love is old things that have character. I dug out a couple of old books we have and tied them together (Inspired by A Beach Cottage – ) and I love the way they look. I have left them on my dining room table with a couple of  blooms from our garden in an old wine bottle.

Well, I think my creative side has been satisfied for today.

Hubby has just given me a wooden lamp base and shade that he found on the hard rubbish down the road – it needs minor repair and a makeover and I will have a lamp that is good as new for my lounge. That man is a creative woman’s dream!!


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