A Beautiful Walk…

The day started sunny enough and so Hubby, Zoe, Aaron and I decided to go for a walk around Lake Lysterfield. It is about a 6km walk and is lovely there. We could not manage to drag the older teenagers from their holiday beds!! I love walking here because it reminds me of all the places I have lived in various ways. The countryside and even some of the Eucalyptus trees remind me a bit of parts of South Africa.

Then, as I go through the forest there are ferns under the trees that remind me of New Zealand.

Just as I begin to feel I am in another place my eyes capture movement in the bush. There I see those unusual and such unique creatures eating the grass and gazing at me with big eyes – kangaroos –  and I’m back in Australia.

I love this lake – it has amazing walking tracks, barbeque facilities, swimming and it has the commonwealth games mountain biking track which hubby has discovered and loves to ride.

I took some creative shots with my camera today too. I really love this photo of Aaron holding his dad’s hand.

We saw some amazing birds today – crimson rosellas and these beautiful birds. Hubby and I have both looked in the bird book and we can’t find anything that looks like these birds. Any help anyone??

The children enjoyed the walk too.

By the end of our walk the wind had come up – an icy snow wind that cuts to the core. We are in for a cold n ight I think!!


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Walk…

  1. embejo

    Hmmm…they look familar to me, but don’t know what they are called. They are similar to the rainbow lorikeet, but nowhere near bright enough, and the rainbow lorikeet has distinctive colour bands….gee..I dunno.

    1. 4maze Post author

      I know – definitely not quite the same as rainbow lorikeets – I am flummoxed – but will persevere till I find out what they are!!


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