Procrastination!! The very word that I deal with every now and again as though it is a nasty thorn in my foot – too lazy to dig it out but then I limp around painfully as it aggravates me. Yes, every now and again I go through some “too lazy”moments or “it’s too hard to tackle this right now emotionally,”  I seem to have hit one of these moments right now. I have a mound of paperwork to attend to and I just don’t have the energy to plow through statutory declarations, phoning the service providers to ask if we can pay off our bills till hubby is earning, or to have a million pieces of paperwork certified and witnessed. They are all vitally important and have to be done, but I am lacking incentive to tackle them. Oh this is so where I need not only God’s grace, but His supernatural energy and ability to persevere through it all. I am sure it will come!! So my goal for this week is simply to stop procrastinating and get it done – one ugly task at a time!!! A friend of mine blogged recently that she is a list person and makes lists to get things done. I have no problem making the lists – I just forget to look at them or I lose them or I pretend I haven’t written them because if they aren’t there then you can’t follow them, now can you?

In fact I am procrastinating right now by sitting here blogging when there is washing to be done, housework, all THAT paperwork and much more. I guess I am hoping that by posting this it will force me to tackle those tasks as I have made them public now – oh well we can all dream – can’t we?


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