13 reasons to Op shop

The other day I was at a friend’s house. We got onto the topic of op shopping and before I could own up to the fact that I love doing this type of shopping she blurted out, “I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing dead people’s clothes!” I must admit, I thought that was a weird statement- I have never thought of the treasures I have found at op shops as coming from dead people – and even if they are from someone who has passed on – I hope I can treasure and love them as much as their previous owners would have. So here is my pathetic attempt to make you wonder whether op shopping could be the latest thing for you:

  • There is nothing nicer than getting an item you have looked for new at a fraction of the price.
  • It makes you aware how much we spend on brand new things that are not necessary.
  • Where could you ever get an entire wardrobe of clothing for under $20?
  • Op shops meet  everyone’s needs in the family in one store – from toys to books to clothing to furniture.
  • It inspires creativity – there are always items that require revamping to make them into something useful.
  • Look for specials or coloured price tags that are marked down that day.
  • Sometimes real antiques or treasures can be found for next to nothing.
  • It supports community organisations that help the poor.
  • Sometimes brand new clothing with the price tags on can be found.
  • It does not put you into debt
  • It fulfills the need for retail therapy without the depression of an overrun credit card to pay off.
  • You get to know the locals by shopping in one store often – it becomes more personal.
  • And last but not least – it is great fun rifling through the racks to see what treasures you can find.

So next time you are off to spend a fortune at the shops, think again and pop into that op shop first – with an open mind and an unbiased heart – you might surprise yourself and actually love it.


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