21 years ago…

This time 21 years ago I was just married. When I think back on that day it seems a lifetime ago. I so enjoyed my wedding day although there were a few annoying things that happened along the way that could have spoiled my day. The night before my wedding, I ran a cat over – not the best way to go into your wedding. On the day we were to be married I got a frantic phone call from the florist saying that the flowers I was to carry would not open – she had had them next to the heater all morning, but the buds would not open. Casually I told her to use whatever flowers she had – what was the point of panicking!!! Then we received a last minute call from a friend to say that the video camera he was to use was no longer available. In the 80’s, in South Africa as young adults (and hubby still a student) there was no money for last minute hire and so out went the idea of a wedding video! My hair did not turn out the way I wanted it – in fact I hated it, but a friend had styled it and was going to be at the wedding so I had to live with it (or did I?). To top it all, our photographer was not doing his job very well – he did not really take any photos of our wedding ceremony. We also had a really grumpy flowergirl who was determined to sulk through our day. Despite all that, we have been very happily married for 21 years today – I love hubby more now than ever and we have four fabulous and delightful children together. God has richly blessed us as a family and we have seen His favour and love shine down upon us over the years. To my sweetie – I have loved living with you and adventuring with you through three countries and countless cities. It has been a joy and a blessing – I LOVE YOU xxx


2 thoughts on “21 years ago…

    1. 4maze Post author

      That’s very sweet of you to say so – not sure about that when I see the wrinkles and grey hairs in the mirror – heehee!!


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