It just keeps coming…

God continues to bless us way more than we can comprehend. Here we sit waiting for Hubby’s job to start in a few weeks. We do have some part time work but this just keeps us going – it certainly isn’t our daily provision and yet we are so blessed. We have been so well cared for and loved by people here that it has almost caught us by surprise. I find it hard to believe that a few short months ago our home had no furniture in it and now it is fully furnished. Granted we did sow out a lot of our stuff before we left, but even so I almost have to pinch myself at times. Yesterday  was another day of blessing. Hubby was given a beautiful brand new off road bike – he had to get rid of all his bikes before we came and that was probably tough for him to do as he enjoys cycling so much. I was so pleased for him. Then I was given a coffee plunger and two bags of coffee for it by someone – I do so enjoy a good coffee. Then two new jobs came in for Hubby to do (we were getting a little worried as the work had been quiet) and finally a request from someone to do a quick courier job for them that paid $100. It was the easiest $100 we have ever earned. God is so good – He has shown us that He is our provider and we have been over and abundantly blessed even in our time of waiting for consistent work. Coincidence? I think not.


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